Personal Learning Patterns

# What we hope for here:

These tools and methods will precisely fit the people who want to learn for themselves.

We hope to develop a pattern that bears repeating.

We hope to assist learners to be profoundly individual in their learning.

We are adapting Christopher Alexander's pattern from "A Pattern Language" to individual learning.

Please ask for your own Federated Wiki site and then copy this page to your site and begin using it. We need your participation in order to test and improve this concept and tool. Thanks for helping. Call Marc or Kerry for help getting a Federated Wiki site.

# Learning Pattern for Topics

* [ ] **Title** What is a good title for this subject--from your point of view?

* [ ] **Image** What image conveys the essence for this subject.`

* [ ] **Contributes to** What other subjects are elucidated by understanding this particular subject?

* [ ] **Answers** What is the subject an answer to?

* [ ] **Content & Context** What do we know about the subject?

* [ ] **Illustration** What illustration or diagram conveys the subject?

* [ ] **Informed by** What other subjects elucidate this subject?


We are providing another pattern for delineating Your Personal Context for each subject (object/dynamic) of your learning. How does this subject/object/dynamic

# A proposed pattern for an individual's situation relevant to the topic?

* [ ] WHEN: (History, Sequence)

* [ ] WHERE: (Geography, Setting)

* [ ] WHY: (Paradigms, Purposes, Goals)

* [ ] WHO: (Politics, Participation, People)

* [ ] HOW: (Science, Dynamics, Design, Engineering)

* [ ] WHAT: (Production, Use, Effects)