See the Systems Partners

# What is the initiative? *See the Systems" is an international competition for systems projects.

# Golden Paragraph

*See the Systems* is a new education initiative aimed at bringing the value of systems action to strengthen communities around the world. Teams will compete to map the system that is their community, design and implement their ideas for improvement and measure the benefits.

Participants will interact, receive support from experienced systems practitioners and share their learning via an online platform.

The prize structure will reward activities sustaining long term positive benefits. Entries will be judged on ingenuity, leverage, people engaged, and quality of evaluation.

*See the Systems* aims to empower young people with the tools and agency to make a real difference to their world.

# How is it different / complementary to other initiatives? - *See the Systems* was inspired by Oxford University's "Map the System" competition and Kerry's involvement with systems since 1987. - *See the Systems* extends Map the System to a bigger community of young people and the general public. - It extends the scope from systems mapping and analysis to systems intervention and evaluation. - The System Dynamics Society has recently run a competition for children in Covid modelling. Again, like Map the System, it is a competition based on analysis: In this case computer modelling analysis. - There was a competition based on a cybernetic simulation game called Ecopolicy which engaged teams of high school students in Australia and Vietnam (Access paper published 2014 here ) - *See the Systems* synthesises and integrates the learning from these initiatives and synergises the collaborators.

# What is the benefit? - Delivers benefits for society so bringing the value of systems to the general public. - Engages young people in systems and gives them the creativity, collaboration and citizenship we need. - Incubates the next generation of systems thinkers/engineers

# How is it to be structured, organised and funded? - I envisage *See the Systems* will be energised by a small team of people passionate about systems. - It will be a not for profit, virtual and virtuous organisation. - The team will manage a network of engaged organisations providing support and advocacy. - As the initiative grows over time we envisage employing some of the bright young people who have won awards in the scheme. - It will be funded by a combination of Corporate CSR programs, bequests and participation fees.

# Who are the stakeholders / participants? - Stakeholders cover a number of categories from corporations (via their CSR programs), Systems Societies, Schools and communities. - Participants will come from all walks of life. I envisage 3 categories: University students, Children (under 18) and an Open category.

# What are the timescales? - I am currently socialising the idea and receiving much positive feedback. - I am aiming to formally launch the initiative at the ISSS conference in July 2021. - There will be a scaled trial in the UK in concert with the Operational Research Society's OR in Education program. - I anticipate being ready to roll out the initiative in 2022.

# How and why might this interest you and what are we hoping for from our partners? What is in it for you? - A way for your members to benefit their local communities with their skills and perspective - Appreciation of the value of systems in a broad young community - It will inspire and grow future generations of systems practitioners, thinkers and engineers - The empowered, creative, collaborative workforce of the future - It will help expand the membership of professional systems organisations and ensure their future prosperity

How can your organisation help *See the Systems*? - Sponsorship (Funding prizes) - Engaging your members as mentors - Propagation of the concept - Advocacy of *See the Systems*

# Who do I contact about this?

Kerry Turner is the instigator and protagonist of this initiative. You can read about Kerry's journey to bring systems to children here (See Life after Lancaster.) And here is Kerry's Curriculum Vitae.

Email: Mobile: +44 7853896127