About iPBSM

# Integrated Pattern-Based Systems Modeling / Mapping

We are developing a way of supporting learning that is adaptable enough to help anyone learn as they would prefer to learn.

We will discover or invent ways to be supportive of individuals' learning and their chosen education.

"**Choose Your Own Education**" "**Build Your Own Education**"

We intend to be either an alternative to schooling or an adjunct to schooling that makes schooling more respectful and participative and learner led.

We will provide access to mentors, dead and alive. Each living mentor will have the opportunity to provide their particular take on topics of interest to them. The prospective mentee can review this material in the FedWiki and use as they choose. They can also reach out to the mentor for clarification, extension, or discussion. We expect learners to be teachers of mentors.

We intend to be profoundly respectful of the learner and their responsibilities. We will not infantilize nor institutionalize learners. There can be a strong urge for the mentor to begin talking before listening to the learner. This will undermine the whole project. We are not planning to teach. We are hoping to support individuals' particular interests and we cannot know what that may be until we listen and listen and continue to listen. It is not about what we know. It is about what they want to know.

Highly recommended reading, especially for mentors, is Paulo Freire's "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" and Myles Horton's "We Know the Road by Walking On It".

We expect all sorts of on-line material to be reused here: Wikipedia, YouTube, Photographs, Audio files, Podcasts, on-and-on.

The general form is adapted from Christopher Alexander's work, esp. "A Pattern Language." See Personal Learning Patterns